Friday, February 10, 2017

Open Gaming Internet Backing System - jibs for short

Open Gaming Internet Backing System (c) RS

HTML5 & PHP Backend for internet and Computer Gaming.

with the advent of php and the many fold advantages of php databases...
there is a place in the system for a back-end to gaming systems that utilise the infrastructure ..

the plan is simple the khronos group will converge the back-end data systems of gaming to the utilisation of processor, gpu and system optimised architecture,

there are many companies with licences for php stacks and the database library infrastructure...

Zend is a major example of a competent php data stack; Underneath that is the database itself & in my opinion simple but flexible databases have been studied for years,
there-for  are proven in their reliability and worth,

the gaming industries need for compatible and flexible web compatable gaming hives; Creates the situation where storing pre compressed long term data in databases creates the space for a viable PHP Database stack ; That will converge the necessity of data content to be dynamically downloaded ...

and conversely the maintenance of local data that rarely changes or does so less frequently,
After all we do need to minimise web traffic on websites ! and obviously gaming as-well..

web gaming is fundamentally no different from modern games like eve online; merging from the origins of classic gaming and the internet of the past decade.

however the internet has come to rely upon dynamic content and the php stack is ideal for dynamic content; marketing; Sales and importantly web content based gaming.

the backend can essentially be the same open system..

why ? you may ask should we converge these data points; there are so many ways to do the work,

convergence list :

Essentially we do not wish to wast effort reforging the work and thought that has gone into the database system...

1 : Compatibility is one of them... data hives can become boringly complex !
     so why recreate database libraries ? secrecy ? encode them.

2 : Simplicity ! standard archives can be run on any optimised PHP stack....

3 : Data variables are the meat of gaming & internet...
     Simply put we need the archive and we need that archive easy to maintain.

4 : Data can be processed in many ways..
4a: HTML5 creation...
4b: image loading and or processing .... (simple examples)

5 : PHP platforms need just a little investment into plugins to create 3D Data...

6 : the php infrastructure is future flexible.

7 : optimising the data requires no new hardware on the server end,
     But can be improved on many levels by boundless innovation.

8 : Direct cross compatible inclusion of AS Java and other platforms is  essentially easy and implicit to the convergence,
    However no system is implicit to the back-end apart from the data convergence system.. Desired yes; needed no.

9 : CSS and formatting are cross compatible

10 : OpenCL and optimised Hardware & software; "Data Mesh" to back the optimised output and use.

11 : to make a point "Any Open System can back the web" this is about processing ! Images, 3D, Sound and data.

Stack list:

HTML DOM (Document Object Model) >
PHP & Database >
JS - JQuery & JQuery 3D feature stack>
WebGL &

Streamline API

Vulkan API - Direct Render : Ray trace the Audio/Video/Text & Visuals and force/ gravitational effect paths,
Use Vulkan - Direct Compute OpenCL to trace , optimisation and pre-render Vertices,Borders,Renderings & pass Vector trace to GPU & Back To Direct Compute OpenCL.

= Interactive 3D & Web

(Copyright Rupert S)

*final note*

convergence of systems accelerates the adaption of the system (as long as the systems are converged with flexibility and ease of use in mind,

Also one must keep in mind sensible use of time and energy.

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