Monday, June 26, 2017

Stars and acceleration - Calculating the energies of the universe.

Stars and acceleration - Calculating the energies of the universe.

When the stars curve around a point of high gravametric mass,
The close to the origin point is the destination when vector velocity..
Moves the star, Planet or object in a balanced path... As energy expands or shrinks compared to the rules of vectors..

The standards of energy distribution in a space, Vacuum or atmosphere.

So what do these principles of dynamic vectors mean to us ?

The path of the stars inside the milky-way relative to gravametric points reveals to us :


the average density of gas & particulate.

The Variance of mass versus distance...

The total mass of the milky-way.

The Velocity of the milky-way relative to the universe..

If the milky-way is slowing down...

Relative velocity..

The relationship between the velocities of our galaxy and surrounding space.

The probable location of other distorting mass.


In short the more capacity we have to do vectored mass calculation and thermodynamics the better will be our understanding !

project like : the milky-way project are important to this and for this we need High Performance computing and Boinc by Berkeley

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