Saturday, June 23, 2018

Precision Psychology

Precision Psychology & Psycho-metrics

Data on precision from 1970 to 2000's study indicates that research requires funding - for publishing

However the conclusions test the dynamic of human consciousness & interestingly show that data within the learning brain will need multiple executions to further precision of the learner,
However that the dynamic of the individual varies from one person to another,

Thusally to advantage education the results indicate that the S.A.T testing of america does contain a certain validity,
Fundamentally the mind neural net contains a lower fidelity precision to retaining & re training data than humanity really feels entitled to!

Better training & Better use of graphs and tables; Better use of time allocated to training & learning; Improving the result may take many years,

Case studies such as degrees in doctoring & tailoring have been selectively modified for the average mean & ill suite perfect ideals & with lower precision to old data 4bit & 5 bit..

Experiments that have improved modern man/humanity are frankly advertisement or Visual testing & exploitation aka elections & voting, food & goods for example.

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