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HPC - Compute Network - Boinc & Science - Telecoms

HPC Compute Network - Advise install - Windows & Linux Server by Rupert S 

Spread the word : Operation Liberate the Node - High performance computation for beneficial means of complimentary use to the future & survival.

Ways and means of obtaining scientific worth and usage though the usage of High Performance Computing or HPC that can indeed solve many of the humanitarian objectives of our worlds.

Boinc VM's are a specific objective of worth to the charitable science community and field research..  - HPC, Optimisation & Boinc - programming

HPC Pack 2016 Update 1 fixes - install one after the other - after installing HPC Pack 2016 Update 1 Microsoft HPC Pack 2016 including linux all HPC Packs 2016,2012 to 2008 info and download Microsoft High Performance Computing for Developers - info and downloads - information and virtualisation

Azura win+linux+iso


Netport Clarity HPC

Appendix A: KMS Client Setup Keys

Operational achievement & field testing of HPC configuration.

You will need a server certificate such as a comodo or digicert or microsoft >

Simple Final 4 - Test configuration - Operation : Help , Boinc , Cloudflare , HPC & SFR SA .. Achieve dreams of computation that will exceed expectations of science today.

Install Microsoft HPC Pack 2016 or higher , performance HPC pro users ! including linux , for host settings of HPC Pack

For CCP_CONNECTIONSTRING & CCP_SCHEDULER ; Set in the install setup when installed.
The node address you enter for HPC pack for the nodes, load the certificate into the next page of install & root certificate!



**** Some Alternative HPC Paths that compliment Microsoft HPC Pack

Kubernets K8's Docker comes with a version for local clusters

*docker containers of use* & BOINC Host/Client VM Cloud Configuration.

docker pull kubernets/spinnaker-clouddriver
docker pull cloudnativelabs/kube-router
docker pull alpine
docker pull whatwedo/cloudflare-railgun
docker pull rungeict/cloudflare-railgun

docker run --name railgun-memcached -d -p= --restart=always memcached:latest

docker run --name=binddns-resolver -d -p 53:53/udp -p 53:53 -d -p 5353:5353/udp -p 5353:5353 -d --restart=always unixtastic/bind-dnssec-resolver

docker run -d --name=railgun -p 2408:2408 -e RG_ACT_TOKEN=ENTERTOKENHERE -e RG_ACT_HOST= -e RG_LOG_LEVEL=1 -e RG_WAN_PORT=2408 --link railgun-memcached:memcached --restart=always rungeict/cloudflare-railgun

Do not forget that the first DNS server is

docker run -d --name=squid-memcached -p= -e RG_ACT_HOST= -e RG_LOG_LEVEL=1 -e http_proxy= --link railgun-memcached:memcached --restart=always  minimum2scp/squid

docker run --name nax-waf -e BACKEND_IP= -e KIBANA_PASSWORD=Safe5 -d --link railgun-memcached:memcached --restart=always scollazo/naxsi-waf-with-ui

docker exec squid-memcached curl

Selenium runs once - you need to re run it on boot

port : 4444
docker run -d -it --rm -p= -p= --name=chrome-headless -v /tmp/chromedata/:/data alpeware/chrome-headless-trunk

port : 9222


Our suggestion of boinc detection of docker (docker launch takes 15 seconds plus so boinc would have to wait for the process to initiate in the windows task manager before..
The initial detection system would launch for Container VM & also pull user data into the VM (the necessary ID from project add device & also set the VM and OS use for special case use and non generic project data,
Of special note is the use of Linux containers; This container potentially could batch multiple projects with finesse; In particular Science Linux and Alpine (for size and usability) (science kernel version is possible)
docker pull alpine - check this out!
Finally special contained secure environments for HPC Boinc Networking science is realised with relative technical aplume & thusly easily usable by the average; Non average user.

In other notes :

Linux, Windows excetera HTCondor

Platform LSF will do much you can utilise, It runs on Windows. It is commercial, and can be purchased with support.


*waf firewall*
docker pull scollazo/naxsi-waf-with-ui

*zend php stack is licenced*
docker pull php-zendserver

*nginx php stack*
docker pull richarvey/nginx-php-fpm

*node js*
docker pull mhart/alpine-node

*squid cache*
docker pull minimum2scp/squid


*alpine is a tiny linux with many apps very flexible 5mb*
docker pull alpine

If you are wondering what putty is in windows hpc pack,

Appearing to be SSH Shell client (console)

(C)Rupert S

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