Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the open source medical device for the preservation of life

the open source medical device for the preservation of life

The universal medical analyser unit would cost under 200$ and allow basic info to be analysed and entered automatically into a hospitals data base for pre analyses..

Basically the device is an open source RISC/CISC 200 based on lower powered cell phone processors....

Able to analyse the breath .... do basic scope searches for chemical signatures and pulse analysis for more complex pre arrival alertness during the vital moments of operation (in the ambulance)

Allow for procedure advice call up and proper dosage of medically vital drugs during operations / surgery ....

During a hospital stay to ensure better survival of patients.

The device composed of rubberised plastics and a strong tft / lcd screen would be anti glare , possibly white paper screen already in use mass market in the kindle.

Long battery life and a reference for water proofing and fire resistant (with cover)

Can perform the entered task (user verified)


The device is a small unit breathalyser,Chemical Sample & heart beat analyser with chemical trace analysis and compressed data upload to medical server and local firmware to examine the basic data to further improve coherency and examination speed.

The device is made strongly like baby toys and military equipment like radios so that the device does not need replacement often..

With rechargeable battery and usb charging.

Firmware upgrading over the air OTA with secure IOT firmware.

(copywrite Rupert S)


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