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mycolic acids - To Stop and or slow down Tuberculosis Infection

To Stop and or slow down Tuberculosis Infection - (c)Rupert S

TB Inhibiting : attacking the fatty acid cell wall of the TB Germ : basic theory

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"why do distinct mycolic acids play such different biological and immunological roles?"

You know the TB cells having a kind of acidic fat cell wall coating makes me think that alkaline based attack profiling would diffuse the issue, lime and lemon... and other natural foods that produce alkaline environment's within the body cavities and vascular systems,lungs etcetra..

Yes i know you will be thinking that this is another basically Eco/Meditation/philosophy,

However since the coating of the TB Germ is basically based on a fatty acid,
There are two definite ways to attack a fatty acid..!

Alkaline solutions and ph unfriendly environments, Alkaline soaps and detergents!...

so how do we deliver this ? you may ask ? we bind the compound or molecule to for example a binding active enzyme, food type or antibody... (other body friendly compounds/ chemical agents and mild soaps may be found)

Active enzymes that attack and break up fats are attack vectors, they themselves may need the help of soaps,alkalies,bases,antibodies and fat absorbing or coagulating compounds (not so heart attack friendly this one)..

However bearing in mind that drugs designed to inhibit fat coagulation for heart and vain coagulation should produce results inhibiting the formation of tuberculosis Clusters,

Conversely :  the reverse action of forming and then starving clusters of tuberculosis cells would also produce positive results,

Coagulating the tuberculosis Clusters and then basically nuking them and or starving them.

Rupert S

Folding Behaviour of Mycolic Acids

Update 2 ;

In regard to the problem of fatty acids in the body we can see that the expansion of examination of acids, fatty acids & fats provide rather more health effects than simply supposing that fats factor into health :

List 1:

Fats are usable as a higher energy source.
Fats themselves are not water neutral and would tend to move towards gas bubbles and cell walls.

Fatty acids conversely are more likely to dissolve in water or blood & are also the target of the body,
Fatty acids are by nature reactive..
Fatty acids are reported as a cancer risk.

Fatty acids can be reacted with or affected by chemical reaction readily,

Fats are obviously of interest to bone precursors as these use quite a lot of energy & nutrients.
So one suspects that bone precursor cells are the target of TB for this very reason.

Therefore there are important reasons why TB uses a fatty acid in self defence and propagation.

Solubility & Reactive potential , possibly to antigens?

Therefore we are able to see the roles that fatty acids do play here & furthermore replicate our future reaction potential to foiling TB.

Rupert S

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