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Tree Archaeology - china

Tree Archaeology - china


originator work Cardiff http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/news/view/981090-worlds-oldest-and-most-complex-trees

In the article they examine the structure of the tree..,

To begin with the tree contains the following :


Apparent vein structures in the exterior of the tree... different from modern tree (apparently)

A observation: 

In regard modern trees normally have their veins though out the tree..
(well the heart wood is commonly solid; after all we have been using heart wood to carve for this property for thousands of years.)

A : Observation 2

The mango has a structural similarity observable in the sea...


A : Observation 3


Tree's of the rain forest are observed to have varieties that have Exterior root and stem flanges that may be related..

So bearing in mind the possibly hot nature of the climate in the period we may observe the difference in temperature between time periods may have favoured the rain forest necessity to lose, gain and control heat.


B : 

The Similarity of the structure to mammalian skin and bone structure, tooth, hair,claw.

(You may feel such similarities could happen independently and observation of germ biology does seem to to agree..)

 putting the : (Independent coincidental similarity & Structure : ICSS) world view on the centre stage.

B2 : Observation

Observation of the similarities such as panther fur patterning .. could tweak interests ..

(However observing genetic transferral or sourcing in historic data would be difficult without DNA or RNA or other clear data, Or observable life..
So Finding some may observably be of interest & evidentially has in the past.)


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