Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Logos data & Time space dimensional relations.

Logos data & Time space dimensional relations.

Accrued data from the Ligo data seems to prove that gravity waves bounce around the particulate mass of the universe..
because the point map of the wave in 3D provides the picture,
That the data is imprecise and appears refracted though masses..

We can infer that the wave bends within the frame work of gravity & mass...

What precisely that signal is bouncing off of is unclear at this point,
To me that is probably the density of sub and higher space.. and or potentially mass interaction..
Logically this means that mass is held within a 3/4 etcetera dimensional web (space time),(Space (3),Time 1²Variable,Energy 1²xD,Mass,Quantum Fluctuation,Polarisation(spin),.

Not only held by but logically placed within that web; Statically in point position within the web..
What i mean by this is that the points within the web,
Are of a specific length to the same mass and also flexible relative to mass,
Thusly could potentially relate to black holes being in time relative matrix.

Mass creating waves is found in a location within space-time & data from radio waves (Suffering distortion or direction shifting parameters; Would move subtly & also shift in value or direction; Elongate or shorten in bandwidth (possibly temporarily).

Any measurement we can think of for the effects that gravity waves have are problematic because the variable is believably small, However the small details matter.

Relating the speed of light in comparison to the speed of gravity waves,
Tell us about the observable density of space and also about what we would call relational strings in space time.

Also two video's : the discovery of gravity wave from merging black holes at Ligo:
New Scientist 



While we encounter many measurable energy patters within our reality; So many of them require considerable effort to understand & also to measure,
However thankfully we recorded in great details from the 1950's onward & in every direction.

Underground detectors are able to detect both energies & movement; Therefor we are able to examine many factors, Examples are : Gravity waves, Universe or galaxy motion in space time due to vibration or mass & movement, Light,Radio (The electromagnetic spectrum), Energy value.

The reality is experimentation costs are ever larger & budgets will have to match, However the rewards for the scientific work may include : saving lives, progress, space ships, better technology (as examples)


Thankfully NGO Science collaborations like : &  are involved in examining the data we collect.

Paper on examining spectral interference by gravity wave by E@H.

The radio wave spectrum of the data set Cas A, Vela Jr. and G347.3 searches can & will be examined for other properties of the radio search; Such as the emission spectrum of the stars & also the type of signals received..

Such as the modulation of the waves where such data as we all need about stars will be found.. If only to find data that avoids error in SETI or spectral analysis for contained matter.

For Example the wave bands of the 3 neutron stars are 90% match for one another at the level of the spectrum graph.

However there are a few differences between the stats of the stars.. Maybe accounting for mas/age content & energy values, We can compare the 3 in a matrix to find the variable examination compared to known size, Spin rate & other factors for further research on size and age variable data.


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