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CERN-Filter & Masks

Centred Energy Reactive carboN : CERN-Filter , Masks & Clothing Material

Patents : (c)RS

(Save the health and shop community and health workers in NGO such as
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(The best formula we believe in at CERN & Boinc & WCG)

Packs of 10 to 100 of masks in this design free distribution too all customers with a subscription of 1 year & or a product of prestige from your play store..

(By recognition your sympathies and donations of contribution to the science community are most appreciated.)

Masks & Filters, Industrial Filters & protective materials : RS

Created in layers of fine mesh filer carbon between layers of water/energy absorbent/retentive/expulsive silicon gel fibre cloth,

at 1/3mm to 4mm thick the face masks & machine filters are intended to reduce and balance atmosphere in situation where: Water, Chemical, Solvents, Dust & germs/Bio-matter are present & a cause of problems,

The solution is created by the LHC team


at 1/2mm to 20mm C.E.R.N Reactive Materia is designed to shield bodies from many threats,
A layer of refraction though light materials on top & polarising light fields & OLED mesh..
The creation of Synergy System Dynamic Logic.

O.L.E.D Formula for display technology : (c)RS

O.L.E.D Display technology : Advanced Harden HDR LED:
Layer of bouncy silicone fibre vine mixed with very fine carbon fibres,
Layer of hardened transparent material, GEM
Layer of detective material (very fine) & O.L.E.D
Layers of bouncy silicon plastic (elastic) and very fine carbon fibre..
piercing conductive surface circuit..

Cooling layer Metallic radiator & electrostatic-VRBase 4 cone speaker (very thin)
Layer of cooling material for strengthening display.
Layer cooling & protective.

(c) Rupert S


Medicine : Ventilator : CERN are developing revolutionary HEV : High Energy Ventilator(tm)

You might want to ventilate asthma & burn patients as-well as other patients with ventilation issues such as astronauts & divers,
Serious topics such as ventilation & filtering in nuclear radiation zones & biological hazards.
These features are proposed to be included & researched.

A team of experts at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, the operator of the largest particle physics lab in the world, is developing a stripped-down medical ventilator for patients suffering with COVID-19.

Known as the High Energy Ventilator, or HEV, the device could be used to help treat patients with mild forms of the disease, or those who are in the recovery phase, freeing up more advanced machines for more severe cases. The design was proposed by a team of physicists from the LHCb (Large Hadron Collider beauty) experiment and has been designed with "ease of deployment in mind."

The device is based on components that are simple and inexpensive to source, and can be powered with batteries, solar panels, or emergency generators, making it easy to deploy in areas with limited resources.


Useful for studying Illness & Science

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