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Examination of Corona virus :

Corona viruses are related to the common cold and flu; As a family of viruses.
Because Corona viruses are related; There are bound to be related resistances and cure's for the family Corona may be found,

Utilisation of common source solutions is applicable.


Apparent symptoms "fever, coughing and muscle aches"

Possible sources of infection ..Sweat .. possibly if mixed with infected blood/puss
Breath? "possibly cough"
Infected meat ?
"Corona virus is complex and most probably has a low heat sensitivity"
"Possibly responds to cool air well & low humidity"
Rupert S

"Thailand has confirmed its fifth case of the new Corona virus.

"The patient is a 33-year-old woman from Wuhan on vacation," deputy public health minister Sathit Patucha told Reuters, adding she was under quarantine at Rajavithi hospital and her condition was improving.

The woman arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday with her daughter and visited a private hospital complaining of a fever, coughing and muscle aches before being transferred to a government hospital on Thursday.

Her daughter tested negative for the virus.
Samuel Osborne
24 January 2020 10:44"

Symptom statistics: 99 patients minority report

99 had Inflammation of lung tissue & high liquidity issues
82 had fever
81 had a cough
31 had shortness of breath
11 had muscle ache
nine had confusion
eight had a headache
five had a sore throat

Features of the disease Corona Virus China throughout the active phase:

Can include multiple organ failure & Auto-immune response/overload on rare cases.

Further details : Corona:

Infection occurs before symptoms most probably & also during infection symptom display
Incubation period 5 days to 2 weeks, Infection rate probable around 3% per hour..
"Based on the first 425 confirmed cases in China, each infection led to 2.2 others on average"
"mortality rate potential 2% to 3%"

SARS2 > CoronaVirus19: Mitigation strategy: Examination & Treatment logic:

To be clear the major reliable cause of death is Immunodeficiency such as AIDS & factors such as poverty (Low nutrition, Hunger, Famine),

In the case of old people the major factors are the decline of immune system function and low regeneration of healthy cells (Often caused by bad diet,Sanitation & mental spirit).

"Bat out of HELL"

Current research links COVID-19 to certain types of bat as the original source,


hospitalised patients with severe respiratory infections;
cases with acute respiratory infections in hospital or long-term care facilities;
patients with acute respiratory infections or influenza-like illness in certain outpatient clinics or hospitals in order to assess the extent of virus circulation in the population;
elderly people with underlying chronic medical conditions such as lung disease, cancer, heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, renal disease, liver disease, diabetes and immunity-system compromising conditions such as AIDS & Age/health/poverty related Immune system deficiency.

Help the community discover cures & improve the community:

Vaccine development: - Masks & Filters

Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator

Learn more SARS2:

We are the minority: China : UN : World

Solve data :

WHO OutBreak

WORLD Community Gains Nobel Prize for solving WORLD Raid Virus Event

We are the minority: China : UN : World
Solve data :

Public awareness grows with new corona virus!: - vaccine creation video & world statistics

Situation report WHO:

Technical guidance WHO:

Information corona: - Symptoms - Recovery Illness

high priority :

Science facts corona:

Identifying active damage to bio systems with active virus

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Quarantine a study in thought:

Various diseases we can potentially get rid of...

HPV Venereal Diseases ...

Gonorrhea ?

various others with short term life cycles...

Potentially short term venereal diseases, Are potentially got rid of in most of the world..
Problem being that they may well still exist in potential..

As you know women get cancer potentially from HPV & maybe males too?

2 weeks is potentially a majority clean system,
However we still need additional medicines & cures .. As potency still exists..

We do need to support projects covering diseases and deliver inoculations,
Families may need to be covered,
People may need vitamins to cover sunlight loss & physical fitness and frankly mental sanity.


HIV appearance & AID's are the mean sign in the isolation; WHO data & UN Data are big incites in the situation of Venereal disease prevention though the quarantine,In addition the discovery of AID's Symptoms furthers prevention; During this time of emergency,

Emergence Data for diseases is a WHO/UN/World Necessity,
In times of World AID Funds & International Disease control/Prevention,

Isolation is a unique study period and we have a very limited time to use the data.

Rupert S - Masks & Filters


Human Papillomavirus | HPV


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