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Life Of a "Titan"(Planet)

 Life Of a "Titan"(Planet) C3H2 & C6H6 both react quite well with oxygen (O) & chlorine (Cl)

"NOVEMBER 6, 2020 BY MATT WILLIAMSTitan’s Atmosphere Has All the Ingredients For Life. But Not Life as We Know It
Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), a team of scientists has identified a mysterious molecule in Titan’s atmosphere. It’s called cyclopropenylidene (C3H2), a simple carbon-based compound that has never been seen in an atmosphere before. According to the team’s study published in The Astronomical Journal, this molecule could be a precursor to more complex compounds that could indicate possible life on Titan."

C3H2 & C6H6 both react quite well with oxygen (O) & chlorine (Cl)
My temporary conclusion is that titan mostly does not have a free radical system in the stratosphere,

Complex carbon's in the higher atmosphere suffering from a complex mix of:

Electrical ionic interference
Tough atmosphere ( Electrically & content of Metallic/Organic/Earth Catalysts dynamic to layers of the sky )
Mass, Weight, Density & excitation

Separation of Carbon;Hydrogen bonds 
Unification of Carbon;Hydrogen bonds 

Ground level complexity may well lead one to conclude a potential for basic bacteria & early earth fractal life (Types of plant/Alga)..

However complex Oxygen breathers? depends on environment (Shielded for example & volcanic;Elements;gases;water Sulphur/Metals & Mineral deposits)

Ionisation would be surprisingly frequent with dry atmosphere static charges & planetary dust,
However with high concentrations of carbon titan is surprisingly suggestive of cosmos dust contamination,

Alternative names for dust contamination are : 
Life generation solar mass explosions (NOVA)Inter System galactic cloud interception..Interplanetary pollination & Asteroid Inception

The ionosphere would mostly contain:

Ionisation would be surprisingly frequent with dry atmosphere static charges & planetary dust

Carbon dioxide
Hydrogen Oxide H²O & a bit lower HO² & HO 
(ionisation from electric interference from local planets & higher frequency light & gamma radiation)

helium (due to lower solar wind it may be captured there)

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