Sunday, November 13, 2022

Variable Sensitivity Cable Technology

Variable Sensitivity Cable Technology (c)RS

USB & HDMI & DisplayPort & Cables Transmitting Data such as PCI & RAM,

High priority technology

(The actual cable can be any Voltage you need, higher V means faster transmitting & lots more errors) (c)Rupert S

Twisted pair cable sets for HDMI & DisplayPort & other cabling need a protocol that does more than Error correct from 2 to 5 tiny cables or twisted cables per pin! with error correction...

Can in base mode transmit more than one signal; By filtering data speeds.

Transmitting multiple wave lengths; Varying frequencies....

Each cable can have a wavelength polarity transmission using quartz timing crystals & transistor energizers (converting to the faster 5v, with a transistor & Crystal)

We can do the same for light port, Light port relies on higher frequency fiber optic cable connect..

The relative speed of a static pin in a PC is not too much of a problem, frequencies of static pins can be quite high; At least 500Mhz (Shielded),

Cables in motion however are the reason we need the cables to be as motionless as possible, So errors are static to Machine Learning & Error correction by statistical observation software & firmware.

We can however with a Twisting cable set & a single pin, Multiply the frequency transmission by using per cable selectivity with Quart's timing crystals, these do not need to be complex!

Allowing our cable PIN (DP,HDMI,USB Port for example(Static)) to multiply the frequency response by multiple cables per pin.

We can however; Multiply the error correction, By varying the output voltage along the side of the pin, By varying the resistance slightly with a 2 to 5 segment pin with tiny response differences regarding frequency or voltage.

We may indeed improve classic cable connects therefore by clearly defining each transmitted frequency...

Clearly separate..

But not a problem with compatibility.

We shall see!

Rupert Summerskill 2022-11-12

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