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Frame Expand GEN 3

Frame Expand GEN 3 - Pre Alpha Frame Prediction Motion Compensation Micro Flow Frame & Sharpen with Texture Preload & Removal (c)RS Development 2022

On the Subject for FSR3 & XeSS & ML & TV, Frame generation, Leveraging predict for video between 2 frames would work! H264, H265, VVC, AV1, VP9, DSC; Hardware Codecs all leverage predict!

Predict is an 8x8 Pattern & gets the basic ball rolling if you have 2 frames!

We can work on 3 : 5 : 8 frame predictions, Latency would be an issue! However by leveraging in what Quantum Computing calls : Undefined Future,

We prodigy based on texture locations in reference frame (Pre finalised) & the Defined first wave (output frame)

Frame reference Table for Predicted Interframe : { TV & GPU & Renderer }


Past Frame 3 }
Past Frame 2 }
Past Frame 1 } { Frame Series A }


Finalised previous frame with textures to clear,
Current to render Frame


Future frame series; Stable to probable : { 1 : 2 : 3 }

(c)Rupert S


C.P.C : Combined Prefetch & Cache : Frame Delta Predict Optimisation : RS

Prediction of frames between our stable frames makes a frame available that is based upon our knowledge of polygon & texture locations,

We do not have to base the prediction of video frame (DSC Codec example) upon simply motion,
We can also predict upon past frames to smooth output video frame rate/FPS,
For we almost always record video from the preceding frame.

We therefore can save 'Predict' for the video from our Past, Present & Future frames,
We create the Predict for the Frame & BFrame & Delta Frame with knowledge of future frames..

We have Future frames because we preload the planned Polygon & texture paths of the GPU Compute Units & Prefetch with Cache..

Combining both Prefetch (Cache) & Preframe generation optimisations & predictions.

We combine C.P.C with texture, animation & polygon load & unload with Predict for Video/DSC/Codec

We can also predict for frame based upon what we call textures & polygon's in a frame..
Because we regard the frames content as 3D or 2D saved into a frame or series of frames.

(c)Rupert S


Frame generation By shape & motion made simple: RS

A interframe with prediction (forward leaning) composes forward into the next frame...
B Frame (Quality prediction forward leaning) loaded wavelets to reuse

Vectors saved to frame (shows likely motion & audio sync)
Prediction Vectors & Systematic Stored Motion Vectors

This indicates which pixels will need to refresh and we can then start the data loading process & set refresh & leave a refresh pull to our display panel

Easing the burdens of frame generation & refresh: Table

(Audio & Video Sync properties & Prediction Vectors & Systematic Stored Motion Vectors)

Properties :

Predict motion,
Predict what moves (as in by colour & shape),
Predict 3D Motion in 2D with generalised reference material in 2D & 3D.

Prediction Vectors & Systematic Stored Motion Vectors

Colour properties:

Same colour + Predict Vector
Different colour : From source colour + Vector

Interframe generation (Requires 1 Frame latency, Save 2 frames & Predict 3rd),
Interframe generation latency reduction is to make frames faster (fps) initially & follow

Save while processing 2 frames a vector prediction for 1:2:3 Interframes,

Latency issues are covered by generating a faster initial frame rate for 3 seconds & following this though content.

(c)Rupert S


Video Codec Reference :

Easy Install Codecs:

Main interpolation references:

Interpolation Reference doc RS


FRC Calibration >
FRC_FCPrP(tm):RS (Reference)

FRC & AA & Super Sampling (Reference)

Audio 3D Calibration

2: We use a reference pallet to get the best out of our LED; Such a reference pallet is:

Rec709 Profile in effect : use today!

Rec709 <> Rec2020 ICC 4 Million Reference Colour Profile :

For Broadcasting, TV, Monitor & Camera

ICC Colour Profiles for compatibility:

Colour Profile Professionally


This one will suite Dedicated ARM Machine in body armour 'mental state' ARM Router & TV

Android & Linux ARM Processor configurations; routers & TV's upgrade files, Update & improve


Python Deep Learning: configurations

AndroLinuxML :

Linux :

Windows :

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