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The principle of the Bit'...' DAC (c)RS

The principle of the Bit'...' DAC (c)Rupert S

(yes since 1992)

To the world I presented the 1Bit DAC,

Principally it draws waves like a pencil by frequency; So 500Mhz DAC is great!

DAC 1Bit :

 . . .
. .. .. . .
 . ..

DAC 3Bit : Dithers/Interpolates the pattern with 3 Points per one & averaging

 . . .
. .. .. . .
 . ..

A Room Setup : 7.1 for example is 7, 1 Bit, 3Bit, 5Bit,More, DACs...

1 per Channel

We however place one more DAC between each channel to interpolate/Dither

3D Audio is up and down speaker DACs

ADC : Analog to digital conversion presents the analogue input into the matrix sum calculator, to collect the bits into groups along the lines of : 8Bits, 16Bits, 32Bits, 48Bits ....N-Bits

Right 1 Bit DAC works By two principles: (With Capacitor)

Vinyl output is varying frequency of a continuous analogue nature & essentially replication of frequency variance, Suitable for a single line instrument of almost infinite frequency variance, defined by the Crystal output Hz multiplier..

Vinyl output but we use a higher frequency than the output Hz & we interleave the frequency submission over multiple frequencies by a Hz factor : Base Hz = 48Kzh | DAC Frequency = 48Kzh * X | = Notes/Tones Per Hz

Interleaved frequency response.

We use capacitors to solve WATT related power drops from quiet instruments dominating another 1 Bit DAC on the same line.

SBC is our model; MPEG/Codec Banding:

52 Bands = 52 Pins | 52 Pins plus 10 band hopping double note 1Bit DAC = 64Bit,

64Bit 1Bit DAC Pins has all 52 Bands of SBC Covered in a pure note + 10 Band hoppers,

Alternatively 32Bands 1Bit DAC & 32Bit Hopper 1Bit DAC.

32Bit Hopper Analog 1Bit DAC = 32Notes continual (WOW)

Higher frequency DAC = Interleaved BIT, But it has to overlay every note but need less Bit.

Rupert S

Banding Monitor, TV & 3D technologies & Codecs: RS

The frequency response of the Video DAC is around 600Mhz.

The band estimate is in reference to various technologies & Codecs:

12Bands to 35Bands on SCART Cable with a 15Mhz to 100Mhz Clock,

20Bands to 60Bands VGA Port Digital

35 Bands to 250 Bands recommended VGA+ HDMI 1.4a to HDMI 2.1b

Each band consisting of blocks of data in : Data Width : 8Bit, 10Bit, 12Bit, 14Bit, 16Bit

This consists of a high colour & contrast; WCG & HDR Content.

Compression is advised.

Rupert S



(My work does not guarantee your product is GPL you may share with me) "State-of-the-art approaches such as OpenMP and OpenCL"

LC3Plus Source for HDMI & DisplayPort Proposal

Free to build!

You know you allow LC3Plus upto 500Kb/s? why not smash a load of
"terrible codecs" & make a upto 1Mb/s band or even better 1.3MB/s &
for DisplayPort & HDMI 7MB/s ...

Bound to be a few casualties to Van Brahms! Mastery!
& while you are at it, make 3D Audio specifications for Dolby & DTS Available!

Sure they would love it.

Be lovely!

"State-of-the-art approaches such as OpenMP and OpenCL"

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