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Precision Differential Rollover Math Error Solve - RS

Precision Differential Rollover Math Error Solve - (c)Rupert S

{Solve} : {{Maths Roll Error on 24Bit Audio versus 32Bit} ~= Stutter} : Windows 3D Audio, DTS & Dolby Atmos 2022-11-30 RS

Windows 3D Audio, DTS & Dolby Atmos 2022-11-30 RS

Solve Basic numeric math rollover errors on float and integer operation in applications; runtimes; applications & DLL & Processors : RS


{Solve} : {Maths Roll Error} : (c)RS
{Maths Roll Error on 24Bit Audio versus 32Bit} ~= Stutter

Additional roll, Error margin on 32Bit maths Float with 24Bit 5 point margin roundups,

A 32Bit float rolls up on a single operation 226526554817.{24Bit float + Error roundup} .9> .49 = .5+ = roll up..

R={5+ or 4- | 0.45+ or 0.44-} : or {0.445, |> 0.444444444445 |> 0.4 N4 +Decimal Places +5}

Clipping operation depth of float; Is 3 operations or 2 with Stop count = 1 to 24 bit places + 1 or 2 for error rolling, up or down.

Precision Clip
Math OP | Clip > Cache {Math OP <> Use}

Precision Counter
Math OP + Counter(internal to FPU:CPU | Stop > Cache {Math OP <> Use}



Several Problems that are solved by application of PDRMES: Rollover Error solve:

JPG's use 16Bit Wavelets & AVX is 128Bit, So a small bit of precision can be added & more data saved for a reduced storage cost; Additionally Traditional JPG used 8Bit per channel (24Bit) Colour pallet & we can solve a subtle colour differential in the pallet.

MP3 14Bit Wavelet; MPG4A used 16Bit wavelets; So wavelet precision improvement means a better audio experience.

Any form of Texture or Image or video type that traditionally saves to 8Bit, > 16Bit would see improvements:

Rollover Error High importance Error table:

Wavelet: 8Bit to 16Bit & more
Colour table
Colour Conversion
Colour Lookup Table : LUT

Down-Sampling & Up-Sampling.

Rupert S


Windows 3D Audio, DTS & Dolby Atmos should do to at least 32Bit 384Khz 7.1 Channels,

There is absolutely no reason a 64Bit processor cannot do 64Bit audio,
Mind you 32Bit Integer is around 60% of total CPU Support with 64Bit divided by 2,

So 32Bit Audio is 100% speed conformant & there are few reasons to reduce it to 24Bit or 16Bit without processing benefaction; Such as Error management on 24Bit on 32Bit instruction:

Both AMD & Intel X64

Rupert S 2022-11-30

"State-of-the-art approaches such as OpenMP and OpenCL"

FSR_FL RT: Proven

ML Training Telescope, Camera, Video & Image Display Enhancement, Produced 2 Hours ago! 2022-12-02

Float IEEE 754 2020-02

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