Saturday, July 14, 2012

Velocity and time

Fine Structure Decoded - Bhushan Poojary 1st Conference Ever -Youtube video link-

basicly the speed of light is the maximum dimensional shift of the wave ( also proving that the universe is a wave :)

i was thinking Y could be argued to be speed and i was thinking that light speed is like a shift into another dimension or direction a vector in fact and this explains why time is different between moving objects going different ways at different speeds

and thus to this video my break through is that :

the universe is a wave dimensionality and maximum deformation is related to the mass and length of the string.
and that the speed of light is a limiter because of energy and breaking it would require leaving the string most probably.

also worm holes in that universe might require string hopping.

basically the density of the string determines the maximum speed a wave moves along the string and its mass how how and low and also speed...

entropy can be determined as energy loss over the string as the wave moves and could possibly be zero

also the size / density and nature of the string can be worked out from the speed of light.

it can also explain the re emission of energy from particles.

cheers RS (c)

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